Alveri GmbH

Callenging the way we go from A to B, the austrian start-up “Alveri” wants to advance e-mobility with a new app, a mobility-concept and a new charging solution for electric vehicles. We were asked to produce an image video for their official launch & pressconference in September 2021 and teaser those ideas and inventions to the public. With the storyboard, location scouting, shooting and postproduction all coming from us, we were able to get their vision across effectively.

Multiple days of filming in different locations across Austria gave us enough content for blending their different expertises, and at the same time trying not to do much more than teasing their ideas – which was also important to them. With the client being very happy with the outcome, we will be producing more content for them in the future.

Alveri App
Their App offers a unique experience to buy, rent or lend different electric forms of transportation and is programmed in-house by their team in Salzburg. It is also their first touchpoint for users in their Alveri-ecosystem.
Mobility Concept
It is their vision to bring a new electric vehicle to life in the near future. With concept, design and maufacturing still in development, it is their biggest project yet and aims on a near-future market in central europe.
Charging Robot
ChaRb0 is a unique autonomous charing station on wheels that is being developed together with the TU Graz in Austria. It can manage the charging of multiple vehicles without the need of human interaction or presence.